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This website is dedicated to the memory of Roy
Click for Spirit Lake, Idaho Forecast

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

My name is Lee.
I welcome you to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio.
The webcam picture below updates every 10 minutes.

Both the audio stream and video stream are both
provided absolutely *FREE*!!
Please wait a few moments for the webcam picture
and for the stream to connect.
If we are not streaming you will not hear audio.
Again, welcome to Amateur Radio and my website.

Spirit Lake Idaho Webcam Live Streaming Audio/Video Feed
If No Video then Stream Is Audio Only
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20 Meter Frequencies:

14.325 Mhz Hurricane HF Emergency Net
14.300 Mhz Maritime Mobile Net
14.265 Mhz SATERN Health & Welfare Net

40 Meter Frequencies:

7.040 Mhz 7.060 Mhz 7.070 Mhz 7.110 Mhz

80 Meter Frequencies:

3.740 Mhz
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Email Host KD7WGN
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